January 24th, 2006

sssschhhffuuuuuckkkkkkk..... sloowwwwwwww

So, here I am, after spending the greater part of the last 72 hours in bed. I think I might have spent a grand total of eight of them actually sleeping. It's a bacterial infection of the upper respiratory variety, doctor says. He prescribed an antibiotic, anti-inflammtory, and decongestant combo that has brought me from zombie corpse to ready for work tomorrow. I started dragging ass Friday. In fact, I had to leave when all the physical installation for the night was done cause I was a fuckin' wreck. It got worse, friends. Much worse. Today when I went to the doc, I hadn't eaten since breakfast because my throat hurt so badly. I hadn't slept much, as mentioned before, all weekend due to intense body aches and a dry, sore throat. FUCK!!! This has been a shitty season for me. I took the prescribed meds and went to bed at about seven this evening and got the best quality shut-eye I've had in a few days. Meanwhile, the team at work is pushing into the wee hours with unexpected funky shit on the current project school's network, I'm assuming. Funny how some can go smooth as shit, but one out of ten or twelve is a time-bomb clusterfuck, but that's IT for ya. Sorry I couldn't be there.

Moreover, here is a list of morons that are of little value to American society, or at least grossly overrated. Enjoy! Back to watching VH1 Classic until I fall asleep again.
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